The annual 2018 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week is ready to unveil big and small technologies in more than 4,000 booth exhibits over 250,000 m(2.7 million sq feet) of exhibit space ranging in size from one desk, a chair and sign to 6,000 m2  (60,000 sq feet) four story structures from tech giants like LG and Samsung.

Speaking of big, Korean Tech Giants Samsung and LG started early on Day Zero making noise about their new big screen technology.

Samsung showed The Wall, a preview of the 146-inch modular screen

Yesterday Samsung announced and showed a 146-inch modular 4K  TV called The Wall. It uses MicroLED technology for a picture that rivals OLED. Samsung claims The Wall is the world’s first modular TV whose MicroLED technology is similar to current OLED screens that do not require a bulky backlight. It emits its own light, tiny RGB pixel by pixel, meaning deep blacks and bright rich colours today’s OLED TV’s offer. Samsung says the bezel-less design as “moduler based” which will allow folks to create a custom size TV. So, if you move to a bigger home, will you be able to simply add more seamless Wall panels?  It won’t be cheap.

Paper-thin rollable 65-inch OLED paper-thin 4K screen from LG

LG Display is showing a 65-inch rollable OLED prototype 4K UHD resolution TV screen. It 65 inches in size, with the company announcing that it’s managed to scale up the tech to the dimensions of a large TV. Rolling up a TV? Think about it. Being organic, OLED is easier to bend than LCD screens giving a painted wall canvas effect. Since OLED does not need backlighting like LCD screens, it can be paper-thin. You won’t be able to order one this year but you see where this is going…rrrroll up the LG!


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