Technology is changing everywhere, but the wheel will still be here…in a big way. That’s good news for France based tire maker Michelin who hosted the Movin’On international summit for sustainable mobility in Montreal. #MovinOnConf

Jean-Dominique Senard, CEO and Managing General Partner of the Michelin Group at Movin’On and a Michelin visionary concept of a tire that is airless, made with a 3D printer from recycled materials, does not need inflation, will last as long as the car and is recyclable. New tires can be 3D printed on demand to suit weather conditions.

The three-day event is about smarter and Eco friendly ways to move people and goods – on the ground, water and air. Many experts weighed in on ideas on what is to come.

Provinz Magazine Editor Randy Gananathan’s and my test drive of the new Tesla Model X SUV in 360 VR at the Movin’On event. Check out the exterior looks of this car and a few comments from Randy 

The big topic is autonomous driving – cars, transports, even aircraft that will drive or fly on their own…better than humans. It’s inevitable and it will affect every facet of the auto industry and our lifestyle:

  • It will reduce accidents by more than 90 per cent
  • It will free hours of your time spent in cars to more productive endeavours
  • Autonomous car service like Uber will pick you up from home
  • Your laundry will get delivered too
  • Your insurance rates will go down if you let the car drive for you
  • Your autonomous car will know when it needs service and will drive itself for overnight repairs. and back on your driveway
  • Predicted: traditional cars will not be allowed on a  road of autonomous vehicles
  • Car dealerships will sell far fewer cars to young adults who prefer shared vehicles
  • Half the car makers will be gone, replaced by one’s on-board with autonomous
  • The new reality that owning a car that is parked at work or home doesn’t make sense
  • Car sharing will be ubiquitous
  • Uber is actively working on autonomous quiet electric powered prop aircraft to add to its car fleet
  • Hyperloop wants to shoot you through a vacuum tube with magnetic lift and thrust
  • The idea of massive airships hauling hundreds of tons is back
  • The autonomous Robocar race car that will see track action this year
  • Montreal’s electric full-size bus was there too
GreenGT H2 is the first 100% electric-hydrogen fuel cell car driven by Formula 1 champion ambassador Olivier Panis. It puts out 2x200KW at 13500 rpm equal to 544 bhp with a 4000 Nm wheel torque with a maximum speed of 300 km/h. No clutch, differential or gear changes in favour of vector device technology with a 3 minute refuelling time and an exhaust emission of only air and water
NASA veteran Dr. Mark Moore heads up Uber Air’s VTOL technology with the goal of providing a combination of traditional Uber car service and the new Uber Air with electric battery operated vertical takeoff/landing multi-propeller autonomous flying vehicles for short intercity trips
Dan Galves, Mobileye CCO, thinks there will be two tiered auto insurance for drivers: one for using your car in autonomous mode and a more expensive one for driving your car yourself.
Canadian made Proterra Electric bus, one of several ordered by the City of Montreal. The sleek quiet units have 4 large 633 volt batteries, use a hybrid diesel/electric heating unit, max out at 90km/h and have an audio signal when it gets underway
Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd sees a magnetically elevated and accelerated vehicle in a vacuum tube at several hundred km/h. A working model is currently being built.
The driverless carbon fiber Robocar 975kg electric racing car has four 300 KW motors, a 540 KW battery and includes 18 ultrasonic sensors, 2 radars, 2 optical speed sensors, six AI cameras all managed by a Nvidia’s Drive PX2 brain, capable of up to 24 trillion AI operations per second, ready to learn, learn, learn!
Igor Pasternak, Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Worldwide Aeros thinks airships are due for a comeback with large haul capabilities anywhere in the world at a competitive price 

Bertrand Piccard – Explorer, psychiatrist and President of the Solar Impulse Foundation gave an impassioned talk about the years of challenges in designing and planning a round the world 40,000 km flight using only solar panels for power, flying day and night. Bertrand and co-partner and ex-fighter pilot André Borschberg with engineering and entrepreneurial skills are the first explorers to have flown around the world in an entirely solar-powered airplane. Piccard spoke about his foundation and underscored the need for action on clean technologies.

 Are you ready? I am!






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