More than 3,500 booths to check out at CES
More than 3,500 booths to check out at CES

My annual tech mecha to the  Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show  begins from Edmonton. Follow me here as I update my experience discovering new gadgets and meeting interesting industry shakers and movers.

What does CES have in store for us this year? Lot’s of small startups from around the world on smart personal ware and ways to help us eat, drive, even shower better.

Here are some examples on Day One at CES Unveiled, an early pre-show peak of smart tech.

  1. P1030064-1

The self powered Eco-Sensitive Smart Shower head from connects to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. It tracks your water consumption and monitors your progress or not, by changing colours.


“yum & done” is a Bluetooth spoon and app for tablet or phone. It comes with either a special phone cover, right or a molded cover for your iPad or tablet. Your 1-3 year old child gets entertained and rewarded while eating the most challenging foods. You guessed it, vegetables! Slow


Brian Evarts shows off the Smart Wheel from a rich leather wheel cover that keeps you away from distracted driving. It senses if both of your hands are in the correct driving position. If one hand leaves the steering wheel or comes close to the other hand, indicating a likely attempt to hold another device while driving, a visual and audible alarm goes off on the wheel and Bluetooth connected smartphone.

P1030150-1 shoes come in sport and dress styles and wirelessly charge up, centre, to communicate walking information to your Bluetooth connected smartphone. They track your day, burnt calories, even warm up on command from your phone.


The Parrot Pot sends all the right information to your phone on soil moisture, nutrition, even sunlight exposures of your favourite plant. The real version, out in a few months will not be see-through like this show model.


Off course you need some smartly designed charging and portable phone power to keep your devices juiced up.  Ventev’s Scott Franklin shows the new  Desktop Charging Hub s500, left, with three USB charge ports, two grounded outlets and a holding base for your phones or tablets. The current company flagship Lithium Polymer Power cell 10,000+ is a 10,000 mAh@3.7 volt portable battery with swing-out micro-USB and Lightning short cables, a USB port and built-in outlet plug. Nice.

Check out my GlobalTV Sunday Morning News CES Tech Talk segment and Samsung Tab S2 8 Giveaway this weekend.


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