I’m sure many tired parents have taken their sleepless newborns out for a drive…to put them fast asleep! But that may be a thing from the past.

Ford of Spain has developed a concept crib that mimics a car tricking babies into falling asleep! The crib syncs to your phone, recording your own car trip and then uploads to the crib so baby feels like being in the family car.

Say hello to Max Motor Dreams, a crib that simulates soothing car rides to put your baby to sleep in the comfort of your home. The Max Motor Dreams combines lights, sounds and movement to simulate a car ride, including:
• Speakers that project a soothing engine hum for ambient noise
• LED lights that glow like street lights
• Car-like vibrations that mimic a ride in the backseat

Although Max Motor Dreams is currently a prototype, Ford is considering putting the crib into full scale production.
Check out the Max Motor Dreams video

What do you folks think?

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